Whether it’s a Christmas fancy dress party or a Halloween occasion, many of you might have already started thinking about what costumes to wear! Halloween’s costume trend has become very popular and everyone nowadays, young or old, wants to dress up uniquely and surprise everyone. Christmas is the same.

This Christmas, chuck out all the old ideas of such festive outfits as Superman, Spiderman or Batman. These uniforms have become a little trite nowadays. However, I bet every one of you has heard the name of “Uncle Scrooge”! So why not be exactly like him this season. Get a Scrooge costume!

Scrooge CostumeEbeneezer Scrooge is the famous miser from Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’.

However, Uncle Scrooge is very cute, adorable and makes a very unique outfit to wear!

You will be surprised how much children and adults alike will love a Scrooge costume.

If it’s Halloween, you can be a miserly old man and escape the children in the trick or treat and not give them anything!

The Scrooge costume consists of old-fashioned, long pajamas and a bed cap with tassel.

The outfit is available in a large size for men.

The material is a very comfortable -polyester cotton, so you don’t have to worry about anything, unlike Superman tugging at his underwear!

You can complement this costume by purchasing glasses with thick rims and glasses and a big white beard.

Add some make up (wrinkles, white mascara on your eye lashes) and the look is complete.

Jacob Marley CostumeThe Marley costume makes the perfect complement to the Scrooge outfit and is great if there are two people going to the Christmas celebration.

This ghostly look includes an old, tattered coat and hat.

Chains and locks complete the outfit.

Note: the jacket fits chests up to 50″.

So this Christmas, slide on that Ebeneezer Scrooge costume and grab everyone’s attention. Don’t forget the particular gait of Scrooge: the walking stick, the face and expressive eyebrows.

Unleash the actor within you!

Ladies might also want to get into the Scrooge theme.

Victorian Christmas Caroler Costume

There are many Victorian outfits available to buy online, ranging from gothic, Victorian costumes to vampires and harlots!

If you need to dress in a traditional manner when carol singing then try this Victorian Christmas Caroler costume.

In this outfit you can imagine yourself walking through the streets of Dickens’ London, smiling at the street urchins and spreading the Christmas cheer.

This is a deluxe costume, consisting of a green velvet dress and matching cape.

There’s also a muff for your hands – essential on those dark, cold, Winter nights.

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So, this Christmas, don’t be a Scrooge with your fancy dress party costume. Look through our wide range of Victorian costumes and get into the festive spirit.

Here’s a great video clip to whet your appetite…